The Pixar Story (2007)

The Pixar Story

Director: Leslie Iwerks

Writer: Leslie Iwerks

Caught this documentary on MSNBC one night. I love Pixar and pretty much everything they have done so far so it was interesting to see behind the scenes of how it came to be.  I also love real long and in depth documentaries on the creation of art and more specifically movies.  A lot of times they have the behind the scenes supplements on DVDs and they are very glossy commercials essentially of everyone on set talking about the movie they are making without any kind of perspective.  This one has the perspective but being a product of Disney its not really a full on in depth documentary pretty much where everyone talks about all the good times and innovation.

I didn’t expect this to be some warts and all journey through Pixar’s past but I would really love it if it was.  But even then this was well produced and OK overall.  Seeing creative types talk about what they are doing and their work is something I really love so I enjoyed this regardless.  Maybe someday someone will write a tell all book but until now this is about it.

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