Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story (2004)


Director: Brant Sersen

Writer: Brant Sersen

Pretty tough to slog through this movie.  Would have been OK as a short maybe or a web series but I think but at 90 minutes it is just way too long.  It is told in mockumentary format so that means everyone just got together and riffed scenes and it shows.

The main joke of the is that he plays paintball and everyone takes it seriously  but that novelty wears off very quickly.  Rob Corddry is someone who I keep seeing but I am really not convinced that he could carry a whole movie.  His schtick is the over confident/arrogant thing that Will Ferrel does but the joke being since he is bald so he shouldn’t be confident.  At least that is my take on him.  There are alot of recognizable faces in the movie, people who have gone on to bigger and better, and this is the main reason I would imagine it was released.

The whole thing is shot on what looks like consumer grade video camera and overall it is a pretty ugly looking movie.  If it were funny or interesting or anything it wouldn’t really matter but this coupled with it not really being funny just makes it kind of a waste for me.

Not that they made this to be released in 3,000 screens of anything.  This doesn’t exist to make millions.  A bunch of guys got together to make a movie and they did and a lot of them have gone on to do more so clearly the movie had an impact for their careers so thats cool but watching it now I can’t see it as anything more than a curiosity.

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