A Dirty Shame (2004)

Director: John Waters

Writer: John Waters

I haven’t seen many John Waters movies in my life and I would imagine the fans would say don’t start here but it was on Netflix Instant so why not.  The movie got an NC-17 and while it has tons of racy language it really isn’t anything terrible and it is all done with such a goofy and cheesy style and tone that I really don’t see who would have gone into this movie and then have been offended.  This type of movie has a particular audience and I would imagine that they would know what they were getting into going in.

Ullman plays Sylvia who lives in a very sexually repressed Baltimore.  Her husband (Isaak) and her have no sex life and their daughter Caprice (Blair) has the biggest breasts you’ve ever seen and they keep her locked in her room to hide her from all of the town’s perverts.  Sylvia one day gets hit on the head and becomes a completely different person, one day she is considered a prude and the next day she is leading the down in a sexually deviant revolt agains the “neuters”.  Sylvia discovers that there is a whole underground organization of sexual addicts just like her and they all join forces to discover a new sexual act that hasn’t yet been discovered.

The movie is just as hammy and silly as described.  I liked how ridiculous it was but the movie  itself I didn’t find particularly funny and at this point in time Water’s anti establishment free love thinking just seems a bit outdated to me.  I tried explaining this movie to friends and their response was “that sounds like the worst movie ever”.  I wouldn’t say that but it isn’t one I would recommend.

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