Year of the Dog (2007)

Year of the Dog

Director: Mike White

Writer: Mike White

No one can write movies about creepy obsessives like Mike White.  Between Chuck & Buck and The Good Girl White has proven to be a really strong writer of dark comedy and then on the flip side can also do more goofy comedies like School of Rock and Nacho Libre.

Yet another one of the countless films where they cast a typically comedic actress in a more subdued and serious role and Molly Shannon knocked it out of the park I thought.  I love seeing actors cast against type and even more so when they are good.  I continually don’t understand when people express confusion over comedy people doing drama.  I can think of a lot more instances of it working wonderfully than I can of it not.

Molly Shannon plays Peggy and when her beloved dog Pencil dies from eating something poisonous her life spiral out of control.  She becomes a vegan and starts taking up animal rights almost to an extreme, adopting any dog she can.  Shannon plays the role fairly straight and there is a definite sadness to the role.

A small dark comedy just the way I like it.  Much more serious and intense as it goes than the ads would want you to think so I was pleasantly surprised by that.  No one writes obsessives like Mike White.

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