Director: Michael Epstein

Writer: Michael Epstein

Maybe it is the cynic in me but I am always skeptical of the stories people tell in documentaries like this.  The people interviewed are talking about how much drugs and drink they were consuming and yet 30 years later they seemingly remember all their conversations with people with almost to much detail.  Taking these people at face value they make it sound as though their every interaction with Lennon resulted in him saying something profound.  Of course we can’t really know but I just imagine that many of the stories people tell are embellished and honed into finely crafted stories over the years, like a decades long game of telephone.  These are stories that they have repeated over and over at parties, in bars, on first dates, etc and here they are in their most entertaining, but maybe not realistic, form.  Not that this is a bad thing, it is the nature of storytelling and everyone does it, but it is always something that crosses my mind when people are telling stories so far removed from the actual event.

But that doesn’t mean there is a problem with the film, just my skeptical nature when people tell stories that sound too good to be true.  The movie itself focuses on the last decade of Lennon’s life, when he was not with The Beatles and was living in New York City.  Not that I am an expert but a lot of the information and footage featured was stuff I had never seen before so that was exciting.  Why people sit on footage like this for one of the biggest and most influential people in pop culture ever I don’t know but here it is!  Worth a look if you’re interested in the subject I think.

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